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Can the terms of my Separation/Divorce Agreement/Order be modified?

Whether or not the terms or provisions of a separation/divorce agreement may be modified and how to go about getting those terms or provisions modified will depend on a number of things including the language in the agreement, the actual terms or provisions that one is seeking to modify and the circumstances bringing about the request for a modification. In light of the very particular and specific rules relative to the modification of a separation/divorce agreement, it would be most prudent to consult with an experienced divorce attorney prior to filing a Complaint for Modification with the Probate and Family
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Divorce 101: A Quick Intro To Filing For Divorce In Massachusetts

Many couples start out in marriage with great hopes and expectations, only to end up in a relationship that unfortunately does not work. There are many steps in the divorce process in Massachusetts and just as many avenues to take depending on your situation. Here is a brief introduction to filing for divorce in Massachusetts and some of what you may encounter. A divorce can be categorized as “no-fault” or “fault.” Definitions of “fault” include adultery, desertion, cruel and abusive treatment, a prison sentence of five years or longer, among others. “Fault” divorces are very rare in Massachusetts because there
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