Excellent Attorney; she will fight for you!

I have worked with Lorelei Hayward over the past six years. She has handled by divorce matter as well as the various matters that were a derivative of my divorce (child support modification, child support payments, etc.). Whenever a issue would arise, Lorelei would listen to my concerns and what my goals were regarding the matter. She asked many questions in order to get a better understanding of the situation and to obtain all the necessary facts that could be pertinent to the case at hand. At that point, she would assess all the facts and tell me honestly what my chances were in accomplishing my goals and point out alternative outcomes that may have been more realistic if my primary objectives were out of reach. I came to trust her instincts over the course of time when in a couple of instances, her theories of when to proceed and when not to pursue a certain matter turned out to be very satisfying to my desired outcomes.

Lorelei will communicate with you all throughout the case and will do so in basic terms that non-lawyers like me can understand. I can speak from experience on this having gone to another attorney for a different matter in my life and having to waste time asking the attorney to please explain what the terminology that she was using meant in terms of something that I could comprehend.

So I give Lorelei these high ratings not only because I consider her and excellent lawyer and confidant, but having had the experience of working with different attorneys, she stands out as one of those that I am now using for other matters that come up in my life. She has just completed my Last Will and Testament and i am going to have her work on some real estate matters that need completing as well.

Good luck with your case!

by Michael, a Divorce client

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