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A Complaint for Contempt in Massachusetts is filed with the Probate and Family Court when a party to a divorce or other family law case fails to abide by the Orders issued by the Court.

For example, a Complaint for Contempt may be filed when a party has failed to pay child support or alimony as ordered by the Court, or has contemptuously interfered with the other party’s parenting or visitation time with the children.  In such an instance, if the Court determines that a party has contemptuously failed to abide by the Court’s Orders the Court may, in addition to any other sanctions imposed by the Court, order the responsible party to reimburse the complaining party for his or her attorney’s fees.

The divorce and family law attorneys at Leone Law Offices have successfully filed and litigated numerous Complaints for Contempt on behalf of our clients, and we have had equal success in defending against claims of Contempt.  Call us to discuss how our experience and expertise can help you achieve successful results.

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