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Are you considering divorce or starting the divorce process?

Speak with top rated divorce lawyer, Attorney Joseph Leone. Our law offices are located in Framingham, Massachusetts.

There are a number of ways to commence with divorce proceedings in Massachusetts, and Attorney Leone has decades of experience and a superior knowledge of the Massachusetts divorce process.

He is first and foremost a skillful and an experienced divorce trial lawyer with a proven track record of divorce trial success.

He is prepared from the beginning for the possibility of trial, and is ready to litigate aggressively for you in the event that a favorable divorce agreement cannot be negotiated. From start to finish, Attorney Leone will fight to protect the best interests of your children and to safeguard your fair share of the marital estate.

A seasoned divorce lawyer who will aggressively represent your best interests in all divorce matters, including:

Skillful Divorce Negotiators

The divorce lawyers at our firm are also skillful negotiators. In the event that it is possible to negotiate a favorable agreement on all of the terms of your divorce, then we will assist you in obtaining an uncontested divorce. In that case, our divorce lawyers will proceed with the drafting of a divorce agreement or separation agreement and the other required documents that will be filed with the Probate and Family Court.

In order to proceed with an uncontested divorce, an agreement will ultimately need to be negotiated upon such subject matters as child custody issues and child support amounts, if applicable; whether alimony or spousal support will be paid and if so, for how long; whether you or your spouse will carry health insurance for the parties and for your minor children; the valuation and division of marital assets and liabilities such as your home and family business, retirement plans, brokerage accounts, bank accounts, credit card debt, the payment of your mortgage and home equity loan, etc.

The Massachusetts Divorce Process

Attorney Leone is a top rated lawyer in all aspects of the divorce process in Massachusetts, as well as the laws and factors that the Court will consider in determining how divorce matters should be resolved.

These factors include, for example, the length of your marriage, the parties’ standard of living, contributions made by you and your spouse toward the marital estate, each party’s employability and vocational skills and future expectancies, etc.

These factors are interrelated and an analysis of how they should affect the outcome of a divorce is often times very complex. The divorce lawyers at our firm are experienced divorce attorneys who have a comprehensive understanding of how all of these factors will influence the outcome of your particular divorce. We are ready to put that experience and knowledge to work for you.

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