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Whether it is the process of adopting a child, getting a divorce, or establishing Guardianship over a minor child, we can help. Attorney Joseph Leone is a successful family law attorney with over twenty five years experience.

Attorney Leone is knowledgeable in the negotiating and drafting of prenuptial agreements and postnuptial agreements.

Whatever your Family Law needs may be, we have the experience and knowledge to take you through the process with success.

  • Prenuptial agreements
  • Postnuptial agreements
  • Probate matters
  • Wills

Enforcing Court Orders and Modifying Court Orders

Attorney Leone’s concentration on Family Law also means that he has many years of experience enforcing court orders when the other party is in contempt of that order, and in changing or modifying existing court orders where circumstances have changed. For example, a court may issue orders in the context of a divorce, or in a case where the parties are not married and one of the parties needs a court order regarding custody of their child or child support. Where circumstances change over the course of time, those court orders may need to be changed or modified and Attorney Leone often assists assisted clients in doing so with successful results. Conversely, his knowledge of the process and the laws that apply in these modification and contempt cases has enable the defense of such actions with equal success.

Paternity Matters | Child Custody | Child Support | Visitation

Attorney Leone assists clients in establishing the paternity of their child. A paternity case is commenced when a client seeks to establish that another individual is the biological parent of her child, and to obtain court orders for custody and child support. It may also be brought forward where a client seeks to prove that he is the biological father of a particular child, and for court orders allowing him to spend time with or visit his child or to gain legal or physical custody of that child. In other instances, paternity may already have been established and there may be a need to obtain court orders regarding child custody and child support or a visitation schedule or parenting plan. The family law attorneys at our firm specialize in Massachusetts Family Law and we have the knowledge and experience needed to successfully guide you through your paternity case or your case to obtain custody, child support, or visitation with your child.

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