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Professional and Knowledgeable

Joseph Leone was very professional and knowledgeable. I was very impressed by his recommendations and I loved how he looked at the scenario in all ways possible in order to benefit me. He’s very trustworthy and I will definitely reach out to him in the future if I ever need any legal services again. Would definitely recommend him to anyone. He’s awesome.

by Bianca R.

Knowledgeable Criminal Defense Attorney

Attorney Leone is an extremely talented and knowledgeable criminal defense attorney who fights for his client’s and gets the best results possible.

by Kathleen M.


Honesty and Integrity

Mr. Leone is a man of honesty and integrity. Due to a tenant landlord dispute I didn’t know what to do. I contacted his office and he listened and offered his help . He truly helped me, as landlord was difficult to deal with. I can’t say enough positive things about Mr. Leone, I’d give him 10 stars if I could.

by Sandra V.

The Best Decision I had Made

I had reached out to Attorney Joseph Leone and he was very helpful and honestly one of the best Decision I had made to seek help and he was honest and upfront and was a tremendous help and very knowledgeable, patient explained the entire process and helped me through my child support /divorce case , I would highly recommend him and one of the most sincere and wonderful down to earth individual I had came across . I wouldn’t be able to navigate through this difficult painful process which I’m very thankful of an excellent service I was provided.

by Raza H.

Awesome Lawyer !

Awesome Lawyer ! Who knows how to handle any situation with perfection.

by Akash S.


Outstanding representation

Recently I found myself in a lot of trouble. My poor judgment combined with overzealous prosecution put my entire future at stake. I needed all the help I could get. At that fateful moment, I believe hiring Attorney Leone was the best decision I ever made. He took the time to understand my case, answer all my questions patiently, help evaluate my options very carefully and provided me with a top-notch defense. He is very accessible, friendly and cordial. He knows how to navigate the legal system. As a result of his extremely skilled representation, most of the charges were dismissed and I got a favorable disposition. I recommend Attorney Leone to everyone who finds him/herself in unfortunate circumstances with the law.

by criminal defense client

There is no one I trust more!

Nearly 15 years ago Mr. Leone represented me in a divorce proceeding and he’s handled every legal aspect I’ve encountered since. He has assisted me with tenants I’ve had, the sale of real estate, and will soon be setting up a trust. He understands the average persons needs and is helpful, understanding, respectful and trustworthy! If you need help this is the right person.

Posted by Kathy, Sudbury, MA

Highly Recommend Attorney Joseph Leone

Attorney Leone has helped us on two separate matters. He has been very professional, always prepared, responsive, and easy to deal with (flexible, cooperative, reliable, informative).

by KB

Extremely Helpful, Knowledgeable, and Professional

I worked with Joseph during a free 30-minute consultation provided by my insurance on a landlord-tenant issue. Joseph was extremely helpful during the call – he asked questions to clarify the case and gave me an informed legal perspective. He did not have to look anything up or otherwise waste time. He acted professionally and candidly. I would highly recommend Joseph to prospective clients.

by A. Petralia, Landlord Tenant Client

Highly Recommend Attorney Joseph Leone

Attorney Joseph Leone handled a non-compete, employment case for our company with outstanding professionalism and favorable results. His knowledge, demeanor, and advice was impressive. He saved us money, time and aggravation by expediting the process. His conduct in the court room was confident and effective. He listened to our concerns and accommodated our wishes throughout the process. We highly recommend him.


Outstanding Representation

I worked with Attorney Leone on an employment law matter. He was very responsive to the initial request regarding whether or not representation was necessary. Attorney Leone was equally responsive to subsequent questions both via telephone and email. I quickly assessed that his legal knowledge and ability to analyze the employment matter was outstanding. Attorney Leone was very honest, and I trusted his judgment. His communications were descriptive and clear yet easy to understand. His fee structure was more than fair. I give Attorney Leone the highest recommendation for an employment law matter.


Terrific divorce attorneys who always have their client’s best interest in mind

I hired Leone Law Offices to represent me in my divorce after being referred to them by a friend. Attorney Lorelei Hayward from the firm handled my case. The process took almost two years because my ex-spouse was unreasonable and vindictive. However, I believe today as I did at the beginning of all this that I selected the right person to get through it and for that I am entirely grateful. (more…)

Ethical, competent, honest and listened to me

Back in 1999 I was given the number to The Law Offices of Joseph R Leone after months of handling my divorce since dismissing my first divorce attorney only after 6 months as a result of him running through my retainers with no work done. Previous Attorney did not file divorce documents with the court; late to a 4-way conference meeting and arrived disheveled; made me wait for over an hour for our scheduled meeting; failed to deposit my funds into an IOLTA account; lied; never listened to what I had to say; (more…)

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