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Back in 1999 I was given the number to The Law Offices of Joseph R Leone after months of handling my divorce since dismissing my first divorce attorney only after 6 months as a result of him running through my retainers with no work done. Previous Attorney did not file divorce documents with the court; late to a 4-way conference meeting and arrived disheveled; made me wait for over an hour for our scheduled meeting; failed to deposit my funds into an IOLTA account; lied; never listened to what I had to say; frequent legal mumbo jumbo; and totally incompetent. I knew after the first meeting with Attorney Leone that he was ethical; competent; honest; listened to me; and would zealously fight for what I was entitled to. Also, by the time I found him I was so disgusted after having paid consultation fees to multiple attorneys who weren’t able to answer simple questions, with my ex, his attorney, and the Court Clerks for misplacing my file multiple times causing me to make additional trips to the Probate Court; I didn’t realize I was yelling as I was speaking with him and endured all my questioning, which he did not take personally. Since my divorce Attorney Leone has handled a real estate transaction and a personal property matter for me. I have additional legal matters that I will be consulting with him in the near future. I provided support in the legal field and have crossed paths with numerous Attorneys, Judges, and Clerk Magistrates and can confidently state that Attorney Leone is among the few exceptional Attorneys that I know and would recommend.

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