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I just got laid off. Can I request my ex provide additional support?

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My ex-husband provides child support and alimony and I just got laid off from my job.  We live in the Greater Boston area and I won’t be able to make rent without additional support if I don’t find a job in the next month or so.  Is it possible to modify the provisions of a divorce in this type of situation?   What is the process and is it difficult?


You can seek a modification from the original order by filing a Complaint for Modification, which will have to be served upon your ex-spouse.  To be successful, you will have to show the Court that there has been a substantial change in circumstance that warrants the modification that you are seeking and you will still have to show that there is a genuine need and your ex-spouse has the ability to pay.

The process can be difficult because you are starting a new action and there will likely be discovery that will need to be done.  Because of the nature of the cause of action and the likelihood of discovery, a modification case can take longer that the original divorce action.  That poses a serious problem for you if you are unable to pay your bills. 

Although Courts will not usually entertain a Motion for Temporary Orders in a modification matter, the Court will hear one if there is an emergency.  You have to consider that your ex-spouse will likely be very unhappy that you are seeking more money from him and that he may file a counterclaim for a reduction in support.  You must consider if he will be able to argue successfully that there is a substantial change in circumstances that would warrant a reduction (e.g., he is earning less, etc.).

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